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Established in 2018

Welcome to the The Missin Linc! We are more than just a business – we are a flavorful adventure, based in Longwood, Florida. Since our establishment in 2018, we’ve been committed to bringing you an eclectic mix of mouth-watering snacks and delectable hot sauces that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

What We Do

A Little Something For Everyone

Welcome to a gustatory journey, an exploration of tastes and textures. We have dedicated our time and passion to create products that have evolved into a… link of missing flavors.

We firmly believe that snacks are more than just something to munch on and sauces are not just condiments. That’s why we’ve put our heart and soul into creating snack mixes and sauces that are anything but ordinary. Our mix of flavors span the globe. We drew inspiration from a variety of flavors, carefully selecting the perfect combination of flavors for our recipes, to focus on administering what we like to call, an “umami effect,” in every bite. The umami effect, is the fifth taste sensation, which can induce salivation, enhance flavors and palatability. Each batch of our products are locally made and packaged in small batches to assure quality.

For our Snack Mix, we carefully selected and combined ingredients like nuts, crackers, rice and wheat chex, breadsticks, chips, cheese curds, pretzels, and more. The result?…A snack mix that’s anything but ordinary, offering a delightful surprise with each bite. Our flavors of snack mix include; Ranch, Spicy Ranch, Spicy and Nacho.

However, we did not stop at just snacks. Our Pepper Sauces are crafted with the same dedication to flavor and quality. A type of chili or hot pepper, is more than just heat. Each pepper offers a certain flavor and pungency. A variety of peppers were sampled and we believe our selected combination of habanero peppers and 7-pot peppers, accomplished our desired pepper profile. We offer a myriad of flavor profiles to accompany the heat from our selected peppers. There is the original Pepper Sauce, there’s some sweet-heat from our Mango Pepper Sauce or Tamarind Pepper Sauce, to our Robust Gar-Linc Pepper Sauce. We also have a rotation of seasonal flavor releases which currently include, Pina-Linc Pepper Sauce, Dill Pickle Pepper Sauce, Ginger Peach Pepper Sauce, and Apple Butter Pepper Sauce. Our Sauces are more than just an addition to your meal; they are an invitation to discover new culinary territories.

Furthermore, we have recently released our “Nut Dust,” which is our blend of dry spices, in a shaker bottle. It is available in Mild or Hot This is a selected blend of spices that are utilized in every sack of our Snack mix. Recommendations for the Nut Dust would include, but not limited to; meat, poultry, seafood, to any side dish…..even as a popcorn topping.

In addition, we also released our “EssentiaLinc.” EssentiaLinc is comparable to Sofrito or Green Seasoning, which is a wet blend of fresh aromatic herbs, utilized as a marinade and/or cooking base. EssentiaLinc takes the general concept blending of aromatic herbs, to another dimension of flavor. We believe this is the missing essential, to elevate the flavors to any creation. This product can also be used as a condiment. Any beginner or advanced chef should add EssentiaLinc to there list of ingredients for cooking basics.

……after all, it’s The Missin’ Linc.